Should I choose a dental bridge to replace my missing tooth?

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A missing tooth is more than just an aesthetic problem, it can lead to serious oral health problems as well. When considering what to replace your missing tooth with, it’s important to know all the facts about your options.

A dental bridge to replace a missing tooth is one of the best options. Dental bridges consist of two dental crowns on either side of one, two, or three prosthetic teeth. The crowns attach to two remaining natural teeth and the prosthetic teeth hang in the gap.

In this blog, our dentist explains the pros and cons of dental bridges for missing teeth so you can make the most informed decision for your oral health.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Here are four reasons to choose a dental bridge:

1.     Restored function

Since the dental bridge is permanently bonded to the patient’s natural teeth, it is strong enough to withstand everyday pressures and forces. Though we don’t recommend eating anything that is extremely crunchy or chewy, there aren’t many other eating restrictions.

Additionally, you’ll no longer have to worry about foods irritating the gum tissue where a tooth once was.

2.     Less cost

Compared to dental implants, a dental bridge is much less expensive. Although dental implants are highly recommended, their price tag can be a burden. Dental bridges are much more affordable and are still a great option.

Patients also save money in the long run just by replacing the tooth. Remember, a missing tooth puts a person at a much higher risk for gum disease and other oral health problems. Replacing to tooth significantly reduces those risks.

3.     Prevent dental drift

When a tooth is removed or falls out, the adjacent teeth may begin to drift over into the empty space. This starts a domino effect throughout the mouth and can lead to severe misalignment. This could contribute to TMJ disorder, gum disease, and dental decay, and more tooth loss.

4.     Improved confidence

Do your missing teeth make you feel insecure? Do you feel that it has impacted your ability to land your dream job or get a second date? Imagine what replacing it might do for your self-esteem! Although the patient’s oral health is our main priority, improved self-esteem is one of the top reasons why we recommend replacing a missing tooth. We want our patients to be healthier AND feel better about themselves because we know how big of an impact both have on a person’s life.

Disadvantages of Dental Bridges

The disadvantages of dental bridges include:

1.     Possibility of decay

If a bridge doesn’t fit properly on the neighboring teeth, dental decay is likely. To lower the risk of this issue, be sure to choose a trusted and experienced dentist to place the bride.

2.     No jawbone support

Unlike dental implants, bridges don’t support jawbone regeneration. So even if the missing tooth is replaced, the jawbone may still deteriorate and cause facial atrophy.

3.     More likely to need replacing

Dental bridges can last anywhere between 5 and 15 years, depending on how well it is taken care of, so it may need to be replaced eventually.

Our Trustworthy Atlanta Dentist

Check out our other blogs to learn about dental bridge care and the different types of bridges.

If you’re searching for a dentist to replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge, consider Dr. Richard L. Rodgers. With over twenty years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients, you can feel secure knowing you are in good hands.

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