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Whether you’re new to the area, or are looking for a new dental provider, the search for a dentist near Midtown Atlanta, GA can be overwhelming. If it’s been a while since you’ve switched dental providers, read on to discover five key components you should look for in a new dentist.

Dr. Richard L. Rodgers offers convenience and experience to midtown Atlanta patients looking for comprehensive dental care. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Rodgers and his background in dentistry, view his About page. For more information regarding our practice, as well as to schedule a consultation, call us at 404.577.6620.

When reviewing potential dentists, be sure to evaluate both their professional qualifications and services, as well as more practical information like their practice’s location, hours of operation, and whether their office is comfortable and friendly.


When choosing a dentist, you want to be certain they will have the skill and knowledge necessary to handle any dental health issue that may arise during your treatments. Every general dentist should have their educational background and professional qualifications clearly listed on their website. Read through their About page to learn more about their skills and areas of expertise. Do they demonstrate a passion for ongoing education? Have they received designations to set them apart from their peers?

Be sure to also check if they are affiliated with any professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, or other organizations more specific to certain treatments or areas of dentistry.

Practice Location

It’s easier to make routine appointments when your dentist’s practice is conveniently located to your office or home. If you work from an office Monday through Friday, finding a dentist closer to your workplace may actually be more beneficial to save you time to and from appointments.

Does the dentist’s website list other valuable information such as the parking availability or other building information? Clear, helpful information will make it easier to arrive on-time to your first consultation.

Office Hours and Atmosphere

Be sure to take note of each dentists’ office hours; will you be able to schedule appointments that fit with your work and personal schedule? In addition, do they display photos of their office and staff? This can be a good way to determine before you arrive at your first consultation, whether you will feel comfortable there, and whether the office has an inviting, calming atmosphere.

Offered Services

Look over each dentist’s offered services list, and make note whether or not they offer emergency dental care; this may not be something you think of right away, but having a familiar face to turn to when a dental emergency happens can drastically improve your experience during what is otherwise an extremely stressful or emotional time.

Does each dentist offer comprehensive preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care? If you suffer from a particular dental issue, such as TMJ disorder, bruxism, or sensitive teeth, does the dentist mention those issues specifically? Additionally, if you are interested in certain cosmetic services, such as orthodontics or teeth whitening, check to make sure they offer those specific treatments.

Dental Insurance Acceptance

Finally, if you have dental insurance, check to see if the dentist accepts insurance (some dentists do not). Reach out to your dental insurance company to determine whether or not the dentist is an in-network provider for your plan. If the dentist you are interested in is out-of-network, ask your dental insurance company for more information on expected treatment costs, and determine whether or not you are comfortable potentially paying higher out-of-pocket costs to use that specific dentist.

Looking for a Midtown Atlanta, GA dentist?

For 34 years, Dr. Rodgers has helped Georgians restore and improve their smiles, and he can help you, too! If you’re looking for a general dentist who checks all the boxes, look no further than Dr. Rodgers. Our practice is conveniently located in midtown Atlanta, GA, and is currently accepting new patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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