Johnny Turner

“The best hygienist ever” is what patients say about Johnny. A graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, he has been with the practice since 1994. He has a masterful touch and takes time to do a comfortable and thorough cleaning. He loves to teach you the best ways of caring for your teeth. But you better listen and make an effort or he will know. Johnny is a native of Georgia and married with 4 children. Besides caring for his patients he enjoys gardening, listening to jazz and keeping up with his favorite sports teams.

Lisa Morris

Lisa has 22 years of experience as a dental assistant, and has been our primary assistant for 10 years. She has an uncanny memory for details especially regarding family subjects. She likes to consider herself “Dedicated, Determined and Dependable”. Her most cherished accomplishment is the fact that her daughter is a senior in college. You can catch Lisa walking on her lunch break and sometimes after work. She loves her family, new learning experiences, and the outdoors.

Louise Waldrip

Louise is the new kid on the block. Although she has been in the dental field for twenty seven years, she only joined us in 2012. Before dentistry she was a championship barrel rider. She is great with horses and most people. She manages the accounts for the practice and helps people understand the limitations of their dental insurance. Louise is married and has five sons, and four adorable grandkids.

San McDuffie

San has worked for us on two different occasions. The first time was right after leaving Ben Massell Dental Clinic where she worked for many years as a dental assistant. After a couple of years she had to leave us because of pressing family matters. But she returned in 2008 to assist in sterilizing the instruments and keeping the treatment rooms tidy. San is another Georgia gal and has three boys. We love her positive attitude and her sly sense of humor.