Are permanent dentures the same as dental implants?

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March 5, 2020
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Dental implants put the “permanent” in permanent dentures, but these terms aren’t used interchangeably. Rather, dental implants are what secure the dentures into a patient’s mouth. This tooth replacement option works best for patients who are missing several teeth on the top or bottom row of their smiles and for those who currently wear removable dentures.

To learn if you are a candidate for permanent dentures, contact a dental implant dentist near you today! Read this blog to discover how permanent dentures are placed and their advantages and disadvantages.

Placement of Permanent Dentures

After an initial consultation where the dentist will decide your candidacy, he will begin creating your personalized treatment plan. This consists of determining the number and placement of the dental implants. The dentist will place the implants himself or refer you to an oral surgeon.

The placement of permanent dentures involves two or three separate procedures. In most cases, four implants are necessary: two dental implants in the anterior region of the jawbone and two in the back of the jawbone. This is a standard, highly predictable procedure where a small incision is made in the gums and the implant is precisely placed in the jawbone.

Once this procedure is complete, a natural process called osseointegration begins. During this period, the implants fuse to the jawbone and encourage natural bone growth. Your dentist will provide specific instructions to promote a comfortable and quick healing process. 

While your mouth heals, the dentist will most likely provide a temporary denture until the permanent ones can be secured.

Once your mouth has healed and the permanent denture is created, the dentist will secure it to your implants. The entire process can take between six and eighteen months, but once your dentures are secure, you will have a beautiful, fully functioning smile! 

Advantages of Permanent Dentures

The difference between removable and permanent dentures is night and day. Patients who currently have removable dentures will notice that to every negative aspect, there is a positive one with fixed dentures.

Aside from being permanent, fixed dentures provide the following benefits:

  • Eating and speaking more comfortably
  • Jawbone regeneration
  • Long-lasting solution
  • No maintenance required
  • Improved dental and overall appearance
  • Better fit

Disadvantages of Permanent Dentures

Although the dental implant procedure is highly predictable and extremely successful, there are always risks that come with surgery. Patients could experience infection and inflammation, but proper oral hygiene and regular dental appointments significantly reduce the risk.

Additionally, patients who are lacking jawbone density may require additional surgeries before their dental implant procedure. An oral surgeon may recommend bone grafting. Any other oral health issues will need to be addressed before implant placement.

Another disadvantage is that permanent dentures aren’t a quick fix. Patients can expect to be in the smile restoration process for up to two years. The time is determined by the patient’s specific needs and how quickly their mouth heals.

Cost is one of the greatest determining factors for many patients. Dental implant surgery is one of the most expensive dental procedures, but most dentists would agree that permanent dentures save money in the long run because of the improved oral health and the strength of the dental implants. thankfully, most dentists offer in-house financing or accept CareCredit® to alleviate the financial burden.

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