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Dr. Richard L. Rodgers offers denture treatments, including partial dentures, for patients who experience significant but not total tooth loss. These removable teeth replacement pieces (referred to as just “partials”) look and feel more natural than ever due to the advanced technology used at both our Atlanta, GA practice and our practice’s dental laboratory. Partial dentures can last about five years before needing replacement. However, with Dr. Rodgers’ tips, you can keep your partials looking as fresh and feeling as comfortable as the day you first wore them.

If you are looking for a dentist to restore your smile after the devastating effects of tooth loss, consider Dr. Richard L. Rodgers and our Atlanta dental team! Our central location makes it easy to fit dental appointments into your busy schedule. If you are looking for a convenient and comprehensive dental care home in Atlanta, GA, contact our practice.

Review our checklist to learn how to extend the life of your partial dentures:

Give nightly breaks.

Never forget to remove your partials at night before going to sleep. This nightly break gives your mouth ample time to rest after wearing the partials all day. It also gives the partial dentures time to receive a deep clean and soak; over-the-counter cleaning tablets should be used while your partial is soaking in a small dish of water overnight.  The tablets work to remove stains and eliminate plaque buildup. Always check the instructions for your cleaning tablets, as each brand’s recommendations can vary.

Take caution.

Partials are designed to hold up to daily chewing, drinking, and speaking, and are surprisingly tough. However, when outside of the mouth, partials can be quickly damaged from an accidental drop onto the bathroom counter or floor. For that reason, always use extra caution when handling your partials. Before removing and handling them, place a small towel over the counter to provide a soft landing in case they slip from your hands. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush when cleaning to prevent scratches, and always properly store them at night. A shelf away from pets or children can ensure your partials are safe from harm.

Clean regularly.

Partial dentures are made with pontics, or false teeth, but these appliances can accumulate plaque and tartar just like natural teeth and gums. To prevent build-up of bacteria and possible periodontal disease or complications, regularly cleaning is a must. Before soaking overnight, give your partials a quick scrub all-over, using a soft-bristle toothbrush and specially formulated denture cleaning paste. In a pinch, toothpaste works just as well, too (just make sure it is not a whitening toothpaste, which can be too abrasive).

Remember your gums.

As a patient with partials, it’s critical you give your gums some extra care. Your gums support partial dentures all day, experiencing friction and pressure. If not properly cared for, this friction can lead to inflammation or even infection. In the morning and evening, lightly brush the gums with toothpaste and give a quick swish with mouthwash before inserting your partial dentures. This cleaning and stimulation of the gum tissue will increase blood flow and keep your gum tissues healthy and strong.

Visit us for routine care.

Regular dental examinations should continue as usual for patients wearing partials. At your routine appointments, Dr. Rodgers can check for signs of gum inflammation or recession, tooth decay, or improper fit of the partial. He can also examine the partials to ensure they are functioning properly, or whether it’s time for a replacement.

For more information on caring for your partial dentures, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 404.577.6620.

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